Do identical twins look the same at every phase of their life?

Thinking of my own example, I've had various stages of development where I've looked very very different.. But I always see twins looking the same throughout.
what if one twin loses weight/gets a bout of acne? How is it that they look identical at EVERY phase of their life


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  • My dad was an identical twin. I could tell him apart from my Uncle.
    It is uncanny how their mannerisms, walk, writing, laugh are the same. They were the same weight & height. They did have different styles of dress. I suppose one may have acne due to diet or stress, but other then that I don't think so. How do parents tell their twins apart? I wonder if one named "A" was confused with "X" & wound up with that name.
    Most people would call them by the wrong name.

  • no they don't


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