Is it just me, or is mornings a total waste of time?

Ok, i am 22 years old, and I SUCK at waking up in the morning... i'm always tired and grumpy... except on weekends...

when i am this tired , i don't ever feel like doing my make up or get all dressed up for work,... most of the time i am so tired and not in the mood for anything,.

please give me some advise

:D i dont think so... size 30 jeans


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  • Coffee. Drinking coffee will pull the cobwebs out of your head, so long as you don't just drink it constantly like my mother. lol.

    But seriously. Coffee isn't bad for you, and researchers have found that people drinking coffee regularly actually have lowered blood pressure overall.

    What I can suggest is working out at night, right before you go to bed, and then eating a nice breakfast (but not too much).

    Most people become groggy as piss when they wake up. So grab you a cup of coffee, crack open some eggs, make some toast, and you'll wake up. Hell, the smell of coffee wakes a lot of people up.

    • i drink coffee first thing in the morning,,,,, it doesn't help :(

    • Then have an energy drink in place of that for a week. And make sure you're not eating right before bed and make sure you do some light exercising right before bed. It will help you sleep better, and it will help you to wake up refreshed.

      Are you overweight?

    • I only ask if you're overweight because that can definitely lead to grogginess. Hell, I'm overweight! lol :P

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