How do I cope with my insecurities?

Basically I am a loner, I like to be alone, I'm quiet, etc. I could explain more;however, I don't want to sound like a stereotypical tumblr girl. It really annoys me when people say things- such as, 'I'm a loner' and when they have thousands of friends.
I am pretty talkative in cass;although, I am a loner. I currently attend online school and it's really a source of my social life. Sometimes I get jealous when I see guys flirting with other girls. Today two guys were flirting with one girl.
How do I cope with my insecurities?
The funny thing is I'm not boy-crazy at all. I just feel really awkward and I get a tad bit insecure and jealous. I don't even like the guys to be honest. If they did give me attention I'd totally ignore them. I have school work and YouTube to focus on. :D


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  • I have social anxiety so I 100% understand. It kinda makes you feel that you've done something wrong or that they know something you don't. For me the best thing is to just focus of other things such as your education. I think (hope) that with time both you and me will open up and start to feel more comfortable among people and actual enjoy being around people.

    Hope this helped in anyway if not then comment and I'll reply :)


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