Do you think there's a difference between about dreaming of a kiss and /or having sex in a dream?


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  • If you have dreaming about a person you know - To put it bluntly a sex dream, you are horny - A kiss you may be developing feelings for the person and want intimacy rather than just physical satisfaction.


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  • I don't just think it, I'm pretty sure
    that it's two different things. ^.~

    If you would elaborate, I could try an interpretation for you. ^.^

    • Okay usually I have dreams that are just sex based no kissing is ever involved but recently they changed to be more intimate or just a dream about kissing only

    • Depending on who the kiss is for, it differs slightly
      but kissing typically means reaching a point
      in which you're content and happy.

      Sexual activity could be your subconscious telling you
      that there's something you want, need, or aren't getting enough of (not necessarily sexual)
      but it can also signify pride in something (depends who) or arrogance.

      But..! These are merely dream science speculations
      it could also just signify your current self being more sexual.

  • Yes. If you have sex in a dream, then you're really horny and should masturbate.


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