How can I deal with this depression?

I just can't seem to stop feeling lonely. I don't have a lot of friends, every guy I talk to doesn't know what he wants and ends up playing games with me and there's so much going on in my family. No matter what I try it just seems to not go away


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  • Take TMG try-methyl-glycine, Its very good for improving mood. I know a lot of people that take it, actually feel better within themselves.

    • sorry you can buy it from health food store. Its a drug, Its a natural occurring supplement. You cannot get addicted to it. If you go to buy it over the net, make sure its from a recommended site.

    • Sorry meant its not a drug, or medication.

    • The problem you are having, you are focusing too much on people making you happy. Instead of what you can do for yourself. You need too have a goal in life, or something you want to be in the future. Get a part time job, do your studying, do some hobbies, keep yourself busy. You are depressed and lonely, because you have too much time on your hands to be thinking about the negative of things in life.

  • I think you should go to church just for the social aspects involved. These people are sincere if anything.

  • theraphy and meds are a good start

    • I had a therapist for like 3 months and I just didn't feel any better after getting things out so I stopped going, I'm not sure that I want to go on medication either

    • well then I dont know what to tell you

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