Why does this girl and this guy keep staring at me?

I always catch these two staring at me... I won't mention names. But The girl i'l admitt i always catch her staring at me because i honestly stare at her to it's a stare war sometimes we catch eachother staring all the time and still do it, i think it's cute even though i haven't talked to her i'l dismiss this one because i know she likes me i can tell i even heard it once from her best friend but i thought she was lying

2ndly the guy i alwayysss catch him staring at me and its annoying. I see him out of the corner of my eye looking at me, i'll look back at him to make him look away but when i look away again in the corner of my eye i see him looking at me as soon as i look away, Its very annoying i hate when guys stare at me. Although i love when the girl stares at me ad i don't realy mind it, i actually like it.

But this guy what's his problem? i know he's not gay i heard he has a crush on this girl in my class so i'm pretty sure he's not gay, is there something wrong with me? or him? i don't really hate this guy i used to think he was cool because he introduced himself to me out of nowhere on the first day and i thought that was really awesome of him but he just stares at me now.. if we cross paths he'll speak and/or compliment me but as soon as i sit its like all eyes on me again..

please help i don't know weather to handle this nicely or viciously... because i'm very irritated.


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