Why can't I get over this guy?

I met a guy on a backpacking trip, we talked for overnight. It was great and I never felt the chemistry and connection with other guy I ever met before. And we were strangers. Anyway, I didn't ask his contact and I left before him. I regret it a lot now. I think about him like a lot afterward (more of remember), until now which almost a month after we met. I tried searching for him in Social Media but I didn't find him. And lately I could get really frustrated because I can't find him and sometimes it makes me cry. what is wrong with me? Why can't I get over him? Why am I missing him so much? is there anyway to forget, I already make myself busy and trying to meet other guys but he kinds of pops into my head and I find myself comparing him and other guys.

Fyi. I'm not a type who missed people. I don't even miss my parents. or my Bestfriends. usually when I met This is like the first time I miss someone so much and I miss talking to him.


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  • Do you believe in magnets? Sometimes we get the thought of what if. You got struck by the love bug or rather Cupid shot you with an arrow. So now it will take time to recover and be back to yourself again. It seems that maybe you never received this kind of attention and you felt a strong connection to him. It would have been best you had got some contact info from him. Live and learn.

    • I have guys approaching me but he was different. we were just talking and everything he said opened my eyes or just completely amazed me since we have similar opinions on several topics that I always in the opposite of other guys. Yes, I didn't ask and I felt stupid now that I didn't do it. I'm afraid that I will never get over him since this is the longest time for a stranger to linger on, I think. I can't even concentrate on my works, and I know where he's heading (he's traveling right now and will be back home on December), and I even have a plan to go to a place he went before. I think I'm going crazy. I never did this kind of thing before.

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    • I'm confuse... I don't want to forget him completely but I don't want to feel miserable and absolutely I want to stop comparing him and other guys. This is stopping me from knowing someone since I always turn my back when the other guys is not like him. And there's like a part of me that want to find him but also I think I would be confuse what to do when I meet him, well maybe I would ask his contact, since it's crazy to meet somebody twice unplanned. and it's on the other country as well. And talking to him again would be really nice. The chance to find him is like 0,000001% percent actually. Maybe that's why I'm so frustrated when I couldn't find him on social media despite the fact that I know things about his life. The details are useless.

    • Yes you might also be embarresed to find out you found him and he is not interested in you that way. Next time that happens to you, before you part ways, ask to get together again another time.

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  • Because your ego is in the way.

    Let’s face it, no one likes the idea of rejection. Your motivation for wanting him back may be more about soothing a bruised ego. If you believe that getting him back will validate you in some way then it may be a self esteem issue that needs to be addressed.

    Good luck.

    • well, no one rejected on the scene.

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  • Your just being bored. Your loss due to your pride.

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