Why did he say this?

we were walking to the same carpark and one of our friends that walks with him (even though it's the same car park, we are on oposite sides and she goes that way too) went to the bathroom, so we left with out her because we both wanted to get home. Before we seperated to go our own ways he said "(name) left me alone so now i have to walk alone"

was he just saying this for a general thing or was he saying it to hint for me to walk with him?


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  • He might have wanted a ride to his car. Is it the kind of place that might be dangerous?

    • no it's at a university

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    • but we were parked in the same carpark? its only a 2 minute difference

    • It could have been a hint -- it could have been both. And yeah, if we're standing next to your car, you can spare me a 2 minute walk :)

      I wouldn't hesitate to ask someone to drive me 50 feet, if they were going that way anyway ;)

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  • walk with him...


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  • Invitation for you to walk with him.