Why is it sometimes it feels like time goes fast and sometimes slow?

Why? Example months can go fast during summer holidays (3 months) and months of college (3 months at least in my case) can go really slow. Yet some months are just fast and some are just slow. Like September is fast and Novemeber is slow. Is it all in my head on how I perceived how fast and slow time goes by?

However generally time flies though when you think about. Years and years can just pass.


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  • i think its because time doesn't really exist, its just a fabrication of the human mind in order to cope with our existence
    I think it has to do with moments, some moments are more meaningful than others
    when we are stuck in monotony and repeating the same thing over and over again, time feel like forever in the present moment, but in retrospect time feels like it flew by was almost wasted...


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  • Cause we're Bkred or having fun


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