Do you feel pain while cutting during local anesthesia?

Do you feel anything? Like pain?


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  • the purpose of anesthesia is to get rid of the pain feeling , means your nervs at that area doesn't work anymore eventually doesn't transmit pain feeling so no you won't feel pain of cutting ^^

    • You still feel it it is just numb. It is uncomfortable at best.

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    • So you won't be like owch and stuff roght? No pain

    • Actually no i never had but trust me if anesthsia is done well u will not feel pain ^^

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  • Pressure but not pain.

    • Did u experience it? Is pressure bad

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    • Wow.. i got 4 wisdom teeth out a couple of days and i was worried a lot.. but it wasn't bad at all... i just felt pulling.. and she said she had to dig under the bone... i figured that out minds are the fear and not whats gonna happen

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