Why do you think height is such an advantage?

Typically it is men that benefit from being taller then their counterparts, but I find this is to some degree true for women as well. Case in point, I became a supervisor at my old job years ago, and at 5'10 I was eye to eye or close to it with a lot of the men and I felt like I got more respect vs. that of my shorter female co-worker who was about 5'2 and was literally treated by them like she was a child. Every time she would give them instruction, they would just about ignore her completely, but if I told them, they would get right to it. Why do you think height is such an advantage?


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  • May be a couple of reasons.
    1) Taller looks stronger (may not be much to do in your case with your co-worker of the same height, but still, very tall and strong women might intimidate shorter men). I just mentioned because I'm 5' 4", so, used to see lot many taller and stronger women around.
    2) Children are usually shorter than adults -- so, shorter women might look more child-like and petite.
    3) Eye-level. Probably, when they look up to your eyes rather than look down, that might involuntarily create a feeling in them that you are superior.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • More line of sight?

  • There are advantages and disadvantages to being tall or short.


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  • Because it makes you seem superior...