Atheists and materialistic philosophers. How can real-time accurate perception occur during NDE?


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  • I have no idea.
    I've never entered the subject of why, or how.

    Both my times wasn't light, or tunnels either
    it was more akin to water engulfing me
    along with a fleeting surface.

    • What did you get out of it?

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    • I'm agnostic, but it's interesting to note many of these experiences are specific to the bible, or heavily relate to it. Makes you wonder...

    • It's a funny notion.

      I'm neither religious, nor am I atheist (agnostic you could say, but I do have my beliefs)

      But once in the near-far future, when these experiences have been explored fully
      it'll be interesting to see what's been found out.

  • Do you think you'd get feedback from psychology professionals on this site? They'd probably say that science doesn't have an answer yet. It doesn't even have to occur during NDE, it just has to seem that way after the fact. I know there's speculation that naturally occurring DMT plays a role in visions during NDE which could explain why reports of people "seeing the light at the end of a tunnel" is so common.

    • Of course they'd say that. The whole "we don't know but we know" statement. They claim TO know somehow that everything, including our consciousness is matter and energy alone. How they know this, they never explain.

      Reducing it to DMT is pretty ignorant I think. No one has even the slightest clue what DMT is. It's no drug, it's a chemical portal to another dimension. That's why everyone across the world meets the same species of entities while on it. It isn't cultural, it isn't a hallucination, or it would vary on a large scale.

      These materialists should get their heads out of their asses and admit there is no other way to explain things like veridical perception: unlocal consciousness has been PROVEN through this. Those who want to listen can, but the ignorant "academic elite" among us will continue to lead us into through the dark ages

    • They don't know that all consciousness is mechanical, it's an assumption that neuroscience and its models are based on. For something to be a good scientific theory, it has to follow from existing models and is always being tested by observation. Even if observations disagree with the theory, it's usually modified, not removed.
      Reducing it to DMT is ignorant. That's why I said "speculation", not "hypothesis" or "theory". DMT is a drug. It has been studied, but scientists have been avoiding recreational drug research because nobody wants to fund it and for ethical reasons, from what I've heard. I don't think there's anything in chemistry that suggests it's any kind of portal, so that's not part of science. There are other kinds of truth outside of science that probably offer explanations for it, like religious faith, metaphysics, spirituality, etc. Just don't go blaming science for being too restrictive. Rigor is what's made it so successful.

    • What then is this literal "hyperspace" location DMT users report, where they all meet the same entities and receive the exact same philosophical message? Science is still in the dark ages. Materialism as a world view is a circular argument anyway. All we see is matter so that's all there is they say.

      Everything isn't a product of brain activity. During a blind man's NDE, he sees. Where in the brain does that occur, seeing as his optical center is inactive? Why do DMT users always report meeting either "insectoid" beings, beings that look like reptiles, etc. Why so specific? It just appears out of nowhere? Why does everyone get the same message? It's not just the brain. I could understand having science as your primary guide if science actually knew anything, but it's still in the dark ages, so you might have to look elsewhere for now.

      Science assumes we are just matter. You can't assume that lol