Girls, are you really telling the truth when some of you tell us that you feel excruciating pain when you get struck or attacked in your genitals?

or do you only say that to make men feel better about their testicular weakness?

  • Some or most of us are telling you the truth about us being able to feel excruciating pain down their too.
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  • We only tell you that to make you men feel better about your weak testicles.
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  • Others
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  • If someone is stabbed and you ask them if it hurts, are you going to doubt them if they say yes?

    Any person capable of feeling pain will be HURT by a kick/punch smack dab on the genitals if it's not pleasurable (some even if it is). I personally don't think it hurts AS BAD as being kicked/punched in the balls, but it hurts.

    • While I'd never deny that getting hit in the balls hurts like a motherfucker, some guys tend to overreact from nut shots just to get attention.

    • I'm sure some do as do some women. But it still hurts, I'm betting.

    • Yeah I know. Never said it didn't hurt.

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  • You will never know! :D

  • i was kicked in between the legs once... i was wide open.. it hurt like a bitch. x. x

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