Help!! Do you guys have any subject ideas of senior institute?

I need an easy reaserch idea that will help me finish it early but it has to make a chnage to something.
Ex. School, work, and etc.

I'm at a complete loss and have no idea of what to think of.

Thank you!


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  • I had a similar thing. I hung up funny posted around the school to cheer people up cuz happy students and/or teachers make for better education. Literally all I did was print off funny pictures I googled and taped them around the school

    • Hmm.. I like that idea. I should do that. How did the final presentation do for you. Did you pass with a good grade.

    • Yeah, I had to present the idea in front of the class. Just made up crap about how happy ness improves education. And printed off some research. But yeah I got an A