Would a wall keep the latinos out of America?

Trump said he would build a wall along the entire southern border, do you think it's possible to complete such a wall during a single presidential term, and would such a wall work? And wouldn't future presidents simply destroy the wall?

Trump has referenced the great wall of China which successfully kept out raiders, and the Berlin wall which successfully kept East Germans from escaping. In fact by the late 1980s the Berlin wall had become so advanced that it was virtually impenetrable and not a single East german could get through it. The only way that wall failed was when the regime behind it (the stazi) collapsed. So if a Democrat or establishment Republican like Jeb Bush gets elected after Trump's 1 or 2 terms he could simply undo all the years of wall building with a single order and let the latinos in again.


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  • Remember your history. Before the Berlin Wall came down, it's effectiveness had already been destroyed. East Germans left their country legitimately over the southern border into Czechoslovakia. Then they crossed legitimately into Austria and from there into West Germany. This population flow started as a trickle and became a tor****. The significant element that made this possible is that unlike in Hungary in 1954 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968, this time, the Soviet Union decided not to act.

    The wall stopped working because people went around it and no one stopped them.

    Do you suppose that Mexicans could find our border with Canada? Or do we have to build a wall there too?

    • And why would Canada let them in in the first place?

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    • Canada would have no legitimate reason to refuse tourist visas to Mexicans that seek them. Once in Canada, crossing the border into North Dakota or Montana would be comparatively simple.

      Humans are clever, they work around obstacles.

    • Thanks for the MHO.

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  • Dude Hispanics/Latinos are going to build the walls you think we're that stupid to not have certain spots that people can go through

    • There will be guards on snipers all along the top of the wall, where do you think the latinos can get through without an army?

  • Uh no, they'd find another way into America. If I were them I'd get in a boat and sail around!

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