If a person deletes you from their main?

phone contact list on their mobile, will you still be able to see them on their Whatassp contact list and even you see on WHatassp each time this person updates his profile photo and Whatssp status message?


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  • If their settings is set so that everyone can view profile photo, time stamps and status updates then you'll still be able to view their profile regardless on whether your number is on their mobile list or not.

    However if it's set to contacts only then you won't be able to see anything.

    • Lets say I can see when this person updates his profile pic and his message status and some times I see when his status says "online" but I dont see time stamps and most of the time I dont even see when his status says "online" the space is just blank. What does that mean then?

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    • Or I could had not even been deeted just taht the person private settings are changed.

    • @Asker

      Yes that's a possibility too.

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