I need serious help with this?

Hi ! So my problem is that i cannot deal with stupidity politely. If a person says something stupid in front of me especially if we were having a discussion i wouldn't waste a second thinking of who he is or anything. I would make fun of his idea and show how stupid that person is in front of everyone. I mean , i humiliate that person in front of everyone. I know that everybody makes mistakes and stuff and i also do know that i am not complete but i just feel like i have to do that when someone says something stupid. I cannot tolerate stupidity. And that makes me extremely rude. I am not like that but i just become extremely angry when someone does that. SO , how do i deal with it politely? I also do that here on gag...

Lol i am doing this so i become better with you people and i am getting no responses haha xD


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  • Watch dumb stuffs people do on YouTube and the person infront of you won't seem stupid anymore.

    • Hahaha "anonasaurus" nice name dude :p

    • And thanks for the advice