Am I wrong for thinking that my brain is worth more than girls bodies?

I have an IQ in the top fraction of a percentile.

I have used it successfully in business to generate millions and eventually billions through my self-taught knowledge of investing.

Am I wrong for thinking that this is worth more and a rarer commodity than even the most beautiful girl in the world?


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  • What the hell are you doing on gag then? Troll

    • I can't take 15 minutes out of my day to get on here?

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    • We all know your a troll😂

    • Great!

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  • Well, I'm in the top fraction of a percentile, I don't know my IQ but I was a national merit finalist, I think you have to score in the top fraction of a percent for that. I am also successful though just in the low millions not that anyone would know it from my lifestyle, which is just upper middle class.

    Women have valued me very highly even though they don't know how wealthy I actually am. They take the attitude you endorse, they think an opportunity to be with me is to be sought after and see their looks as no more than the minimum requirement to have a chance for a relationship with me.

    I think it helps that I don't take an attitude of excessive self value, I play down my intelligence and achievements. My attitude is they are like cologne, they should be discovered, not announced.

    • what do you do for a living?

    • What I did would be more to the point. I started a business in High School and sold out my interest (I was not cut out to manage people) two years after college. Since then I've worked on an off as a kind of consultant for businesses in the same line but mostly I just do my hobbies now. Telling exactly what would be telling.

    • What kind of business was it?

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  • So you are on gag asking the worth of your brain vs girls bodies... apparently I question the judgment of billionaires who have an IQ in the top fraction of a percentile.

    • I'm asking if you agree or not.

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    • No time for it

    • It certainly looks like you have time for it.

  • if your brain is worth more than girls bodies then why are you asking this ridiculous question?

    • I'm asking if you agree or not?

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    • Okay so do you think Bill Gates would be impressed by a supermodel? Or Donald Trump when he was younger? He could get millions of them.

    • you're speaking of all woman or "girls" as you might call it, in general but even the most suphisticated men needed a woman to satisfy their needs. look at Einstein, Tesla, Edison. Even Bill Gates needed a woman who was equally intelligent and beautiful as well. We are still human and if you believe your brain is more important then womens bodies good luck Surviving because your going to be extinct...

  • Trolls gon troll

  • Of course you have. This explain exactly why you'd be posting on GaG. . .

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