How to deal with sudden memories of childhood abuse?

So I recently had a flood of memories from my childhood where I had pictures and some mild touching done to me. For the most part it's been so long it doesn't really effect me, but the other part of me just can't shake it. It's brought an understanding of some of my personal distastes and failures, especially in my relationships and it's really bugging me. I can't really afford a therapist and I don't want to bring down my freinds. Plus I don't want them to think I want attention or anything. Im not even sure what to do with this new information, like what does it even mean, I don't think it's really sunk in as real yet and I'm worried about what will happen if it does.


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  • you're gonna have to face them eventually. dont try to block them out as this will only make it harder in the future.


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  • Is it a memory in your head? It's happen to me so I let it come and when it's happen I start making my self busy like reading or doing something, it doesn't effect me it's only make me mad and feeling hate toward my parents specially my father.

    • See I almost feel indifferent, like I shut off. It was my grandmother and she never spent much time in my life so again it's not like super overwhelming, it's just something that seems to always be at the back of my mind.

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    • Yeah, I know your right. Thanks for the advice.

    • Anytime ^^ <3 STAY STRONG OKAY <3

  • A therapist is a worthwhile 'investment' in my opinion.
    Writing helps.
    Talking about it with strangers may help.

    It's important to express how you feel and not keep it bottled up.

    Best wishes <3

  • I know they might be an added expensive that you think you dont really need, but seeing a therapist really helps...

    • I really can't afford one and normally I like to deal with things internally anyway, but this is different, I need input ya know.

    • You could always try writing a journal, sometimes just getting all out on paper helps.

    • Yeah, it's a start anyway... Thank you!

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