Did they had better plans?

So for my birthday I had a day planned with my friends, I told them what I wanted to do for my birthday a couple weeks before, when I told them the date to hang out they paused and said sure. Then the week of the planned birthday hang out, one of my friends cancelled and so I said that's fine and had to tell my other friend that it's cancelled, she responded really fast, she usually takes forever to respond on a daily basis. Do you think they had better plans or did my friend who cancelled actually had something come up?


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  • Has your birthday actually come yet?

    • yea it already passed a couple months ago

    • I think that something probably did come up. I can't be 100% sure but I don't think they just blew you off or anything. And the one who answered fast, she may have just been on her phone (or whatever) at the right time.

    • Thanks for MHO :D

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  • they probably had something come up.