Could I get reported to the authorities?

I made a post about a girl I met on omegle not to long ago ( ) Basically I asked her out jokingly and she emailed me and then she told me how she fucked all these guys like 5 a day. I just got home from school and apparently the principal emailed me through her email saying "Hey Elijah Baldwin, this is the Principal of Nicoles school. Do not write her again. We have sent this chain of messages to the authorities to investigate further." I copied and pasted it so you got that exact quote. I am very scared they will contact my home or even try to involve me in this as we sent no innapropriate messages beside from her sexual acts on all those men.


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  • The whole thing is so obviously fake, for so many reasons.

    School principals do not go around telling random guys to not message their students online.

    You should be more concerned that 'Nicole' is some 50 year old man in a darkened basement getting his rocks off telling you how he's some promiscuous teenybopper.

    • I dont think so considering she messaged me through her school email and sent me a pic of her so I kinda think its a 13 year old girl doing some sort of prank

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  • Yes you could go to jail and possibly expelled.

    • Expelled from my school? Why?

  • No. They got no evidence against you.

    I wonder if she got caught emailing you her sordid story?

    • That's what I imagine and possibly they are using the emails as evidence she did something

    • Someone from Nigeria is scamming you.

  • That's not how a person in authority writes with "hey" at the start. That person is scamming you. Do not communicate any further and try not to go on shady sites and give out info! It's for your own safety, please.

    • I was going to email them back so they knew I got it but I did not want to involved in any of that anymore so I erased it

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  • "Hey Elijah Baldwin, this is the Principal of Nicoles school"
    LOL thats not how an adult writes an email. She's or he is just playing a number on you.
    Just delete and don't go on shady sites anymore.

    • Yeah that kinda was a red flag to me with how that was written and how it was "Nicoles" and not "Nicole's" and that is all I am hoping for.

    • honestly thats very irresponsible of you because you don't know who you're talking to. What if there's a 50 year old guy jacking his crotch on the other end?

    • She sent a picture to me and she first contacted me through her school email so I kinda think it is them and yes I do understand it was very irresponsible of me

  • The "Hey Elijah" is a giveaway - An adult principal didn't write that - Delete her contact info as quickly as possible and be more careful in future.

  • You won't get on trouble with authorities but your parents will be warned about it.

    • they won't, cause its fake, and he even if its not he didn't do a crime.
      And since when "authorities" tell your parents lol.

    • @Whoooooooooo eh I like to trace back messages it makes life easier. And true that

  • What age was she?

    Because this sounds like you can be dragged in

    • She is 13

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    • Makes sense

    • But seriously doubt this is real, maybe a prank

  • No you won't be expelled or anything bad. What is the email address that sent the email to you? Copy and paste it here, a quick google search could determine if it's legit or not.

    Oh and newsflash don't send your fucking email address to people on omegle. Unless it's like a throwaway address. Stick to Skype or kik.

    • The email they first messaged me with I can confirm was a school email but we only sent two-three messages on that saying simply "hi" and then she used a "new" email thats he claimed she recently made. What is strange to me is how he contacted me through her new email and not school email where in which I would figure they would only monitor that one but maybe it looked suspicious so they digged deeper... maybe i dunno