How can I attract guys without wearing revealing clothing?

I'm not very pretty but want a guy to be interested in me for once. Please help me.


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  • What type of clothes do you currently wear. Then maybe we can go from there. :)

    • Do you wear jeans, skirts, yoga pants etc etc?

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    • If they are tight jeans that is a good start. That is not showing off too much but is also giving guys something to look at and be attracted to physically. As for tops pretty much anything is acceptable. Also as well as that guys love a sense of humour so don't be afraid to laugh at his jokes if you find them funny. You can also flirt with guys. What most women don't understand is that while men generally approach women women are required to let the guy know she is open to the idea of being approached to start with. Women that are successful in the dating world know this and do this. If you want I can help you with this.

    • I hope that was of some help to you anyway. :)

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  • Flirting, smiles with styles and open lines of convo, plenty of eye contact.
    No one has to dress tacky or even real sexy but of course, a little powder and paint that can help make you what you ain't and dress to kill to slay them away surely helps, and I do not mean "Revealing" But... Tasteful.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Go to the gym.
    Get a hobby.
    Get guy friends, hangout with their friends.
    Go to a club.
    Find a guy who is completely wasted and take advantage of him...

    Gave you a lot of options. Go to the gym is the best and friends.

    • My body is fine and I do go to the gym. I have guy friends but they see me as only a friend.

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    • @iamyourneighbor who goes to the gym to meet people? That's fucking stupid. No you go to the gym to get in shape to build confidence to meet people.

    • No I'm just not facially pretty and really shy. I don't have a guy that I am going after.

  • Got a guy in mind or just any guy

    • Both. I like this one guy but I really just want any guy to find me attractive and like me.

    • Find out what he likes

    • He is our of my league so I'm not going for him. I'm not going to be delusional.

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  • u can wear clothing that enhances or draws attention to ur assets. think of the best parts of your figure and use clothing to take advantage of what u love most bout yourself.

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