What did I do wrong?

I knew a guy who became infatuated with me, even though i showed signs of liking him. It was more my body and look, never asked me about myself or anything really joked around sometimes though and i was a little naive. He kept trying to get me to hook up with and i said no, i dont really do that. I pay for my school myself and got abused by a kid and abandoned by my mother and father (dad took his life).

But people wouldn't know that, i smile a lot and i was a club leader at my school. He was in that club too. So we made out once, and he asked me to give him head and i said i dont do that, i dont and haven't because im already messed up and i dont want attachments or some slut shaming happening, i just want a relationship a nice one thats all. He said that i should go if there wasn't anything happening and I said ok bye. Aftr that he was stand offish and refused me more, typically a hole moves but then saying things like he wanted to help me in school and to be friends months later although he wouldn't walk to the park or see a movie with me. I felt hurt and just told him there was no point and we shouldn't talk. he kept trying to talk to me and i asked him to leave me alone and there wasn't any point.

Now I moved into a new department at school and this girl i foundout is his girlfriend (go figure i wasn't good enough for that anyway i guess) treats me like crap. She is nice to everyone and dismissive and rude to me. I offered her my chair in class and told her id just transferred (i didn't know she was dating him) and she flat out ignored me and because she was sitting next to me i had no one to talk to. I know no one and i dont want to be on some bad start, I felt i did the right thing exing him out of my life. I felt he was very hurtful and then tried to offer me help and then was just hurtful and evasive. And now, this girl i dont know is mad at me and telling her friends. It pisses me off because she is so much like me and its weird. I notice it, I don t care about that guy (he doesn't care about me) but i dont want school being hell because of some one time make out session?

Why are they being like this? Did i do anything wrong? Im cool with most people i meet and older than her its just weird and stresses me out she's in my classes im so tired of people coming after me i dont get it.


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  • You did nothing wrong. They are childish, maybe he bad mouthed you to her but more likely she feels threatened by you as far as he goes. Seems you dodged a bullet by not being with him. Sorry you are going through that but ignore them, there are way more people in the world. Drop those two.

    I had a similar situation, found out the guy just liked me cause I looked like his favorite porn star. Some girl called and texted me for months saying she was his wife and blah blah.

    It is just drama. Don't let them get you down.

    • Seriously? Wow. Im sorry you went through that too. Thanks and I gues your right, I just felt like crap for wanting to start school and someone already giving me mean eyes and i thought i dropped the situation, last year. Thanksss

    • Yeah you are just more mature and have moved past it so don't let them drag you back into an emotional scuffle. Yeah he actually messaged me a few nights ago and asked why I don't wanna be his friend or date him. People are silly- take it with a grain of salt.