Sluts and Fuckboys?

Has anyone else noticed that while people are constantly advocating to put a stop to slut shaming, women are constantly calling guys "fuck boys"?

Does that seem normal and fair to you?

It seems a lot of you are trying to say that the words are not equivalent in meaning, I never said they were.

I said they're both demeaning to each gender.
You don't try to change how one gender is seen by making another look bad.


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  • Calling someone a fuckboy has nothing to do with how much sex they do or don't have. It's more about their attitude than anything else.

    • I think it's still fair to make that comparison. The meaning doesn't have to be the same when the word itself is disrespectful. The idea is the same.

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    • Can't you see that the word itself is still disrespectful no matter what meaning it carries? I would not want to be called a fuckboy just like you would not want to be called a slut. So I think in this sense the comparison is fair. Especially since there seems to be so much confusion among guys as to what it means anyway. Don't you think?

    • @TheGeorge Lol of course they're both insults. That's not what I was commenting on.

      Oh, you mean you don't like it when you get called a name that you don't have any control over and has a seemingly arbitrary definition. Wooooow what a bummer for you.

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  • To tell you the truth - I am not too sure what a fuckboy was - I was guessing a teen player and was kind a badge of honour whereas a slut is akin to a cheap prostitute but of course I could be way off with my perceptions.


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  • Fuckboy is just a guy who's an asshole I think. I don't think it's really the same thing as slut shaming

    • Oh so the guy who is an asshole deserves to be fuckboy and get the pussy on demand?

    • He is just a fuckboy after all isn't he?

    • The nice guy can have seconds and gets to clean up the mess huh?


    He a guy behaved like a slut he is called a hero.
    If a girl behaved like a fuckboy she is called a bitch.

    Sounds fair enough to me.

    • Since when do two wrongs make a right? You don't try to end slut shaming by making another gender look bad.

      While we're on the subject, let's not pretend like girls aren't the main ones slut shaming other girls.

    • Meh that's all pretty irrelevant. The point was that calling a girl a slut is not comparable to calling a guy a fuckboy.

    • Read my update, I said I'm not comparing the two.

  • Don't get your knickers in a twist, constantly being called fuckboy? I've seen it once, and that was a question about being called a fuckboy so constantly is a real over exaggeration which just makes you look like... well... a little fuckboy!

  • i have never heard the word used except on here and i've never used it in real life but yes now that you mention it...

    • Pretty sure that's because you aren't a teenager anymore ;)

    • @thegeorge i think it's because no one in japan knows the word? up until earlier this year i was primarily dating 18 and 19 year olds... that's the age group i tend to attract (both genders)

    • Should have probably checked where you're from before :)

  • If guys keep calling girls sluts and whores just because they happen to have a healthy sex life, then it's kind of fair of women calling guys "fuck boys".

    • You speak as if women don't call each other sluts. In fact, I've heard slut shaming more from women.
      Women call each other sluts, based off of clothing or just jealousy because a girl talked to a guy she liked.

      So please think before trying to blame guys.

What Guys Said 3

  • I dunno if it's just me but a fuckboy where I come from is just a little bitch who act hard but in reality doesn't do shit...

    • I never said they were alike in meaning, I said they're both demeaning and rude to the other gender.

    • How unless you're a pansy... Because that's similar to calling a girl a bitch

  • is still don't know what a fuckboy is

  • Fuck boys are to be left with their counter parts to suffer together since she did after all plot to fuck the asshole and give you the part the asshole didn't want.

    • That's hat she gets for playing you as a sucker.

    • They can be left to put up with each other until aggrivated assault.