Girls, 5 good examples of what makes a guy a man?

After spending several nights a week with my single sirious dater friend. She'll finish off her 3rd cocktail and say "I just need a man, tired of dating these boys."
I'm not really sure what makes a guy say median age 25 from a "boy" to a "man". I'm sure it's some willing take responsabilitie and commitment. That's my assumption. What are 5 good examples of what differentiates the men from boys!


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  • He acts mature, he is a gentleman, reliable, honest and trustworthy.

    He is settled, in his life and in his mind and sometimes in his career.

    He's consistent, he doesn't enjoy the dramas of being young anymore and just wants to make the most out of life.

    He listens and pays attention and is interested in deeper friendships and relationships. He is looking for something more in a partner and friends.

    He has 'grown up' interests, he'd rather take a girl out for dinner rather than to a movie for a first date and can hold in depth adult conversations

    ... everyone might not agree with me but I think those traits would help me separate the men from the boys.

    • Lol this is all stuff I do for my friend. But i told myself "i don't dare serious daters." They are always looking for the best next thing. I'm my opinion. Was wondering why she always brought it up when i take her to a nice Italian restaurant.

    • Maybe that's just her way or saying she's not that in to you? Women are confusing, even we don't know what we want half the time so how are men supposed to know!

    • True even If she was I wouldn't jump on it. Just "I need a man you know some one that can take care of me?" Me: "no i don't know." (I pick up the check and refuse to let her look at it)... holy shit... I've been accidentally dating her. Hahah

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  • 1) The ability to care about you and what you think.
    2) If you're looking for hubby material, he MUST know how to COMPROMISE... it's natural to be selfish but it takes maturity and understanding to put selfish needs away for their lover.
    3) Maturity: His comedy and maturity are almost two different things but the way he handles situations is considered maturity cx
    4) Time Management: He has to have some experience with balancing life with gf/wife
    5) Commitment: not just in the relationship but with life goals as well

    these are qualities most "boys" do not have lol
    I know I'm young but I'd ask my teacher, who is a marriage counselor, this question a while back.