What's your favorite thing about bringing home a new pet?

My favorite thing about bringing home a new indoor pet is when they see themselves in the mirror for the first time. It's hilarious. I almost wish they wouldn't get over it so fast, but for those ten minutes or so they're delightful to watch.

My favorite thing about bringing home a new outdoor pet (we own horses) is when you let them out in the pasture for the first time with the others (have to keep them separated at first) and they all just take off running. It's quite a sight to behold lol

What about you?


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  • I like cuddling with my pit that we saved, i don't like that she sill pees on my goddamn bed after a month. I'm ready to punt her out my window

    When i saved one of my horses from being slaughtered in Canada I Loved that i got to train her and i loved watching her interact with my other horses for the first time, I reeeaaalllyyyy didn't like that i couldn't use her for the sport that i do and i cried like a baby when i found out she was pregnant and she delivered a dead little baby.

    • :( Sorry about your baby! What sport do you do?

    • I used to vault, I had a daughter and quit because child birth messed up my back. Im hoping she will get into it when she's gets older so i can coach her (:

    • Sweet!

      I did barrels for a while. My old man is a touch too old for the circuit now though.

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  • When they explore for the first time. Rabbits r very curious animals, and it's an adventure just to watch!


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  • Seeing them explore and poke their nose into everything they can find, something moves and they go skittering off to hide. It's adorable <3 Comforting them and building up a bond quickly so that you're the one they come to for security feels amazing <3

  • i have never wanted to bring home any pet.