I seriously lack determination, I'm trying to get my life back on track and get a job, any help?

So last few years have really been one bad thing after another after another, mugged, cheating girlfriends, backstabbing best friends, college, a number of serious operations, etc which now I just feel blank about, no real idea why. I want to get a job but without really much experience out in the job field I'm just pushing it away more and more to the point I just don't care.

I've got myself clean off alchohol, I want to work on this, I plan to go to university next September so I've got some time to work with this.

Any help?


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  • just think of the future and keep working for a better one!


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  • It probably wouldn't help if I said be more determined. Get a job, any job it really doesn't matter what. Get 2 jobs if you can, or stick with one and do some volunteer work. Start engaging with your uni, talk to admissions and enrollment counselors , find a way to get involved there.

    An idle mind is bad news, keep yourself hella busy until you get your classes going.