I wonder what a life without internet trolls would be like?

I find that trolls often amuse me, but sometimes, you just want to hear constructive criticism instead of criticism that is so down-in-the-dumps that it can't be anything BUT a troll. I usually just ignore them, but I often wonder - what would life be without internet trolls?

Would you say it would be better, worse, or the same?

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I must add that I'll never censor a troll - not even when he's being as racist or inflammatory as he can be. But at the same time, sheesh, some people are just hateful fucks that find courage in anonymity.

It's almost like the alcoholics of old - they can never find their courage until they're hidden behind their computer screen or halfway finished with a bottle.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Some of them are really entertaining so worse.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would say much better because my ratio these days to trolls is 5% amused, 45 % annoyance and 50 % disgusted at the abuse they give out.


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What Girls Said 1

  • For me, I would said it would be better without trolls, because I rarely find them funny or amusing. There are plenty of amusements on the internet, trolls just seem silly to me... like an older brother picking on his little sister until she cries level of stupid.


What Guys Said 3

  • Worse.
    It'll be like living in the smurf village.

  • There would still be trolls in real life real life trolls exist but just are harder to notice because in real life people take you more seriously most likely cause there are harsher consequences if you troll in real life.

  • It'd be boring.