Does anyone on here have an idea of how people get paid on social media?

Can someone on here explain to me the process of someone representing a brand and getting paid for it? I've read several articles and they go on and explain it pretty well but skip the very beginning of it. Like first I believe you're supposed to be "popular" so have a good number of followers, likes, engagement, etc on your social media pages. But then what? Do YOU reach out to the company and ask in a professional way if they would like to partner up? Like getting sponsored would be like "hey I've been using your products and my profile is a representation of my fitness life so I thought how about we collaborate, you sponser me and I can proudly show off your products?" Getting sponsored, does that mean they pay you each time you show their product? or they just give you an amount of money in total? So how does this all work from the beginning and the process? I would super appreciate any productive responses! :)) plus Im pretty sure a lot of people are curious about this as well since this generation is big on entrepunership and being your own boss.


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