Why does the media hate Donald Trump so much?

I watched the CNN republican debate on Wednesday and it went like this:

Moderator: "Mr. Bush, do you agree that Donald Trump is a madman?"
Bush: "I hope the voters wake up before the election"

Moderator: "Mrs. Fiorina, do you agree thaf Donald Trump is a big baby who can't be trusted with the nukes?"
Fiorina: "That's up to the voters"

Moderator: "Hey Trump, Fuck You!"

Moderator: "Mr. Paul, do you agree that Donald Trump is a juvenile little child and a moron who is a disaster and shame to this country?"
Paul: "I am ashamed of the people who vote for this idiot and embarrass the US"

What's also strange is how despite all these attacks Trump just didn't give a fuck, it's like they flew right over him, this is strange cause everyone keeps saying how Trump has thin skin and can't take criticism, when if you see his Roasts on comedy shows and this debate he's actually got the thickest skin of any candidate.


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  • It comes down to the political class is scared to death of the public and fearful a man like Trump, who they can't control, could unleash a tide of populism which could drown the whole system from which they make their livelihood and define their success.

    • I think the fact that they're so scared means someone knowledgeable in elections told them Trump has a real chance at winning, if Trump didn't have a chance to win they wouldn't have been so concerned with him.

    • Half of people don't vote, you would only have to motivate half of those people to utterly swamp all the predictions and rewrite the political landscape.

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  • First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.

    Everyone is scared of Trump.


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  • The media are brilliant at hatchet jobs. They could paint ghandi or mother Teresa as evil dictators through editing misquoting and taking out of context. It should be illegal. He was in the paper toady in the uk coz they're having a poll on whether he should be banned from the uk. Of course the picture was one where his face was screwed up as he was making a point. Made him look demonic. They're arseholes the press. I think he made a pretty valid point about curbing Muslims visiting the country until they figure out why they hate americans and their intentions. It's a sensible thing to do. Pc idiots went into shock nearly though. Why do citizens in western countries have to give up civil liberties but foreigners get care blanche? There's a higher authority at work obviously that's pulling their strings. Should hear our pathetic politicians all clamouring to get in front of the cameras and condemn him. They're frightened shitless of offending the pc brigade. Remember only 70 odd years ago Britain and america deported or jailed all Italians in their borders when mussolini backed Hitler. God most people would give their right arms for leaders like Roosevelt or Churchill again instead of the shite we're stuck with now

    • Yes the media is amazing at hatchet jobs. However they don't edit, misquote, or take what trump says out of context. They simply use what he says against him. And please tell me. Do you really think that all Muslims are terrorist? Or that all terrorists are Muslims? You want to know why people hate America so much? A child of color can't walk down the street without the fear that they will be shot for "looking like a threat to someone's safety" and then no justice will be dealt.

  • The reason is simple the conservative media supports the Republican Party. The Republican Party knows that not only is trump a wildcard they can't control (he flip flops on issues and holds some fairly liberal views) but he is not playing "The Game" properly and is being putting himself so far right (currently) that he'll be unelectable in the general election.

    The liberal media likes to attack the conservatives and Trump practically writes their stories for them so they go to him first.

    The neutral media (as neutral as you can get) is not polarized enough to be mainstream and it reports the facts which no matter how you honestly do it paints trump as a bigot and a fearmonger.

    At the end of the day he has little substance, his movement is fueled by hate and ignorance, and he has a historically bad comb-over. He is literally the biggest target for a media that is looking for the extreme and inciting.

  • Because as wrong as he often is, Trump is about the only honest, independent candidate there is. The establishment doesn't like him because he answers to no one. Trump is a wild card and a loose cannon.

  • He dares to use his First Amendment Right to be politically incorrect and to mock people with disabilities. That's Highly Courageous. Courage is what a POTUS NEEDS.



  • The cnn moderator was certainly trying to get them to fight the whole night. I wasn't a fan of the debate. Trump is the number one candidate on the republicans side so it's not surprise he's the target.

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