What is Dolby Digital?

What is Dolby Digital?

From last 2 years I am using my phone and I don't know what is Dolby Digital? When adjust the equalizer in my phone there is small label "Dolby Stereo" and "Dolby Digital Plus". What is it? What does Dolby Digital do?


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  • It's a brand. A company. Like Toyota or Sony

    • What does it do to my equalizer? I am using a Nokia phone...

    • oh it's just a brand that makes the equalizer. Just a tool (equalizer) to manipulate how the sound quality is produced. Balancing the frequency of the sound (equalizing). For example you can increase the bass and the sound has more bass, increase the treble or left speaker is louder than the right etc etc.

      I have an equalizer but not made by Dolby digital. They're just famous for it