American GAGers: What topics would you like to see discussed in the 2016 Election?

I personally think Education and jobs should be number one priority of every candidate.

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  • I would tend to agree except I think formal education does little to prepare people for real world jobs and the best solution to underemployment would be to encourage small business by making it easier to start and run a business through simplification of the tax system and making regulation clear and simple.
    The best way to generate more jobs and revenue is to give those capable of making a business work more incentive rather than treating them like a borrowed mule.

    • What about labor laws, do you think they need an overhaul or stay as is?

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    • Simplification is key. The problem now is even the smallest business needs to hire specialists to deal with all the paperwork. This whole bureaucratic edifice exists merely to serve the politicians and bureaucrats who administer it, any protection or service to the public it gives is entirely secondary and peripheral.

    • Here are three things I want to see changed:
      1. If a company terminates or lays off an employee, the employee should be provided with a truthful reason why employment was terminated, and include documentation on paper why such occurrence happened
      2. If at an interview a candidate is not selected, he or she shall be given a truthful answer and the reasons why as long as it is non discriminatory of race, gender, orientation, age, ethnicity, or religion.
      3. Minimum wage shall not be raised to fifteen dollars an hour but rather to $10.10 per hour.

  • Whomever wins in America, I hope they don't think about recalling troops from Europe. Dem Russians need to see the Yanks nearby to not invade.

    • So you think America should keep it's presence in Europe?

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    • You mean the former Yugoslavian and Soviet Blocs

    • Pretty much. The only exception among them would be Poland most def. In the cold war, most people were sure that the Soviets could get to the French border before NATO would stop them. Now, I think Russia wouldn't even be able to reach Germany before the Poles grind them to a halt.

  • Donald's toupee
    Donald's orange skin
    Donald's four bankruptcies
    Donald's mistresses
    Donald's mediocre political IQ

  • Jobs, and overall how to improve the quality of life for the average citizen.

  • Jobs is part and parcel of Economy, so there is that.

    Education? Shouldn't you ask your state legislators and governor for that? I am reminded of the old playground saying, "Dude, don't make a federal case out of it...", and I honestly think we demand the federal government do what it was never intended to do.

    • I see jobs and economy as two different sectors. I think the the labor and work laws need to be overhauled

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    • So you think it would mess up the states and their traditional stances on the issues

    • I doo come from an American Conservative and Libertarian viewpoint on this (See ideology above.) In fairness, all Conservatism is not necessarily against centralization; the British "Tory" model of Conservatism certainly is not.

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