What's the dumbest thing you ever did?

I accepted a stupid dare date back in HS. I couldn't proceed anymore after day 2 because it was just too much. Ended up aftercourse losing the dare and not ever accepting another dare.

As for my bf's Bilingual friend: He told us a story how he once tried bs his Spanish speaking parents by insulting (using some foul language) them in English as a comeback. Sadly with their little English, they could still understand it. Needlessly to say he got in trouble allright.

Shortly afterward that incident of his... his parents have actually been slowly getting better at English. Now they can speak some of it with their accent. LOL


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  • Going into relationships with females who had worst problems then me
    they had mental health issues and they had problems being able to
    express their love, lot of depression all i can say is watch who you
    get into when your dating someone, make sure they can hold up
    their end of a relationship like as much as you can. My problem
    is my fault to cause i was seeking love but in the wrong females
    like ones who had issues and in and out of mental hospitals


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