What to do while we video chat?

The guy I like lives in a different country and I have not seen him in years. I am not sure if he still likes me but I know he used to. I am visiting him soon but we are going to try video chatting! What can we talk about to make it interesting? Are there any games we could play? Any fun things besides taking my clothes off (don't tell me to do that)?


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  • I have a husband out in Egypt whom our whole relationship, LDR in fact, was Based on Strictly... Video chat.
    We would talk about the day's goings on, his country, my country, our families, our plans for me to come, and he would even make me part of his Ramadan... He would also send me pictures of Egypt.
    You be surprised what you both can find to talk about. Of course, my open line of convo may have been a bit different with some physical things, but it doesn't always have to consist of this, for at times, we just enjoyed being with one another, the smiles, the laughter, hearing our voices and sharing in some laughter and much much more in store.
    Good luck. xx


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  • You could play strip poker if you are good at it. He will be the one getting naked than. Piece by piece.


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