Whats the scariest monster/creature you seen?

could be fake but has to be sary provide a photo if you have one.


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  • I've found, after watching countless horror movies and the like
    that the most frightening monsters, are the ones we haven't yet seen.

    Take movies, from start until finish
    they'll lead up to a point, where they'll show the monster in all it's glory
    but it's always more scary before we actually see it.

    Also, I don't really find "monsters" to be scary anymore
    I find twisted human-like creatures to be more.. frightening.

    A simple one would be this one, though not from a horror
    it serves the current purpose..

    Imagine it, half covered by darkness/shadows
    chasing you down at night.

    Or this one, though from a pretty old movie
    stil plenty creepiness going on..

    In my opinion, a good horror movie won't attempt a.. "scary" monster..
    but rather a creature of some kind, that'll make one go "wtf is that?" "do not want!"

    I don't really have any "scariest" monsters
    but a creepy one I saw recently, was from Absentia
    mostly due to casual jumpscares.

    Also.. what'd you do if you woke up to this?

    • The most scary thing is the surprise factor afterwards you get familiar with it

    • Exactly. ^.^

      I'm planning to watch Reminiscence soon
      hoping it'll be.. somewhat scary/good.

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    • give us a hint dude?

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    • haa I thought there was something in the backgruond

    • yeah I kept looking until I saw the caption posted on the website đŸ˜‚

  • The Werenigger. You catch it like an std by exchange of fluids. Then you have weird dreams. One morning you wake up surrounded by used joints and empty beer bottles. You slowly piece together the truth. You've been transforming at night into a n** and robbing white people and beating them up for no reason.

    You try looking for a cure in the occult section of your local library. (It's impossible to find information on the internet because the liberal media conspires to bury all information relating to the problem.) Your condition deteriorates. You find yourself unable to concentrate on intellectual activities for too long, and you're prone to violence for minor disagreements.

    At last the book you special ordered comes in...

    And there's NO CURE.

    You only have a few more weeks until you will become completely n**. What now? You'll never enjoy classical music ever again. OH! The joy of reading a good book. All because you stuck your dick in a ghetto bitch. WHY?

    Fortunately your alter ego has been busy procuring guns and drugs. You blow your brains out. Living as a n** is no life at all.

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    • I an see how the grudge is scary but the alien looks normal for an alien xD

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    • https://i.imgur.com/gWQ8EJv.jpg

      for me the scariest movie alien was in Dreamcatcher

    • It's pretty scary-lookin. Thing is, in 1983 or whenever Alien was, it was a revolutionarily-scary movie. So many directors tried to replicate it in the way Scott did. Never could.

  • 3.bp.blogspot.com/.../outlast.gif
    that would be this ugly son of bitch. his name is Walker he is from the game Outlast, you can't fight, he is constantly hunting you and if you run out of batteries for your camera you are in pitch black till you find more or he kills you. this game scared the crap out of me

    • they didn't make him scary enough

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    • yeah the atmosphere plays a role

    • that wasn't even the scarcest part, once you are in the sewers and there is a ladder in chamber filled waist high with water. I ran out of batteries and couldn't see, but I could hear him walking around in the water in front of the ladder, I nearly shit a brick every time he caught me, it was often