Did I ruin it? Please help?

there's this one guy who I saw during passing periods but never really knew him but he did randomly talked to me and was kind of flirting (playfully teasing me) while I waited for my friend. That was last year. So this year, I have him for a class. We talked on the first day when he looked at me and apologized for no reason at all and I said it was fine but I didn't stick around because I needed to find my other class. Just recently, he sat down next to me and randomly picked up an eraser from the floor which was near my desk and put it on my desk. It wasn't even mine and, when I told him, he seemed really embarrased and let out an awkward laugh. He doesn't seem like the shy type at all but he did seem really awkward near me. I'm really shy sometimes but I did talk to him a little bit right before he gave me the eraser. Besides that I felt really shy, so I kept to myself. When he sat back down to his seat, I noticed him staring at me but I tried not to look because the guys who sit near him have been looking at me since th first day every now and then. Did I ruin it? Should I have done something else? Tips are accepted pleaseee..

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  • If he is nervous and shy around you, it means he likes you, try to say hi next time you see him, or try to buy him a bar of chocolate or something and say it is because you returned my eraser and smile and walk away ;)


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