Girls, It might be awkward but do you girls masterbate I do but I feel like girls dont like it when guys do it?

Why is it so personal to girls because they always deny it


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  • Majority of girls do, but we don't talk about it mostly because we don't really feel the need to. It's a personal thing and there's no reason to share it with the world. And I'm personally not grossed out in the slightest if a guy masturbates. I know at least 99.9% of them do and in a way they have to because it's in their biology. Most girls probably also know this too, I would assume.

    • thank you that is very helpful

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    • I think because its a more taboo subject for girls. Also, if a guy admits to a girl he masturbates its kind of lie a "no shit" sort of thing and the girl probably won't care, however if a girl admitted it to a guy, there are immature guys out there who would automatically be overly sexual about it and maybe cross some boundaries and so we don't admit it so that we don't have to deal with guys like that (not that all guys act like that, just some).

    • thank you

  • Yes, I do, I don't care if a guy masturbates, like I honestly don't care. When the guy I like gets a hard-on when i'm there I find it flattering, and I take it as a compliment.

    • Thank you that helps. Sorry another question, when i do get a hard one next to a girl, um should i rearrange leave it or what

    • Well id at least try to hide it. But listen not all girls are like me. :). My crush got it in church so...

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