I'm forced into doing work just because I don't want to go to a football game?

My mom forced me into doing work around the house because I don't want to go to a football game. My two sister end up going because they want to be with their friends and boyfriends. I don't want to go because people who judge me everyday is going to be there, girls who play with my emotions by sexual harassing me, and I'm going to be excluded out of everything as always. But, doing work is my punishment for not going to a football game. When parents are allowed to make their kids go to a football game. The team at my school sucks really bad. So, it's doesn't worth the $6 to go.


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  • Their house, their rules. Besides, you can't just lay around and not do anything, that's called being a parasite

    • I just want to sketch which I haven't done in a month. I try to schedule what day I'm going to do it, but things get in the way.