Baby girls and pink ? What would you do?

So you made sex back some 9 months ago and now you have a little female creature to educate and give love.

Would you go pink?

Baby girls and pink !? What would you do?
Kisses to everyone.

  • Pink is the perfect color for a baby girl.
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  • No! Just no, im NOT going to buy pink stuff just because it's a girl.
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  • Anything, i dont care about colors... i even buy pink to her twin brother
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  • I just buy black stuff... i want a emo daughter. (Aka, just let me see the results)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • She'd wear blues and greens.

    Why? Because I like those colors.

    That's literally my logic.

    I'm not a fan of pink as a color in general and if I made her, and I have to look at her then she's gonna wear the colors I like to look at :p


Most Helpful Guy

  • Will I go pink for my daughter? Absolutely not. In fact, I'm already planning and thinking about how I can bring up my children in the most unideological and neutral way in terms of gender. I'm very strongly against stupid gender stereotypes. If my little boy wants to wear a princess costume, I will buy him a princess costume and if my daughter wants to play with trucks and dress as a pirate, I will buy her a truck toy and some pirate clothes. The only thing that is important is that my kids are happy and that I don't press any kind of stupid, stuck-up gender-idea on them (this can be quite hard because sometimes, we are so much socialized into this bullshit that we even do it unconsciously).

    • You are right, but... she will like what she see on tv. So, she might end with pink stuff and all that girl stuff... anyway...

    • Yes, children being influenced in this by TV is a real danger but if it happens, I will try to accept it anyway. Still, I believe that TV is not everything. It is one influence but parents and the social environment also have an influence. Luckily, where I live, girls dress quite casually and "bland" you could say (not super feminine). But you are right... bringing up children without them being indoctrinated to assume one particular gender but being REALLY free to choose what they personally prefer will be a very difficult task. Somehow I will have to find a good middle ground between letting them be exposed to the world but perhaps not letting them watch any crap on TV.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Pink, blues, greens. She would have her say on pink as she got old enough to express it either verbally or through her actions. Even though I was Tomboy, I think little girls look so cute in pink!

  • She would wear all colors (except for black). I don't think that just because she's a girl she needs to wear pink, Just like if I had a boy, I wouldn't buy blue clothes only.

  • Hmmm maybe a little pink a little blue a gigantic toy giraff and green stuff oooohhh I should put a rainbow light in her room she'd like that. I wonder how long it will take until my belly shrinks back😑

  • Nah, pink is not really my favorite kind of color...

  • go all colors :D

  • Buy her all sorts of colours 🌈


What Guys Said 1

  • Pink has only been a girls colour since the 40s. From the turn of the century untill then the reverse was strongly advocated (and there are some references to that pattern going back to the 1800s).
    In short: It's a modern thing. A stupid sort of modern thing. So no, not something I would be embracing. Clothing would be in a range of colours including some pink, but it would not be a dominant colour in the wardrobe as a whole.

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