Can someone check out my YuGiOh deck and tell me how to improve it?

Not really looking to play any tournaments or anything. just the average player. So I'm not really into buying single cards. half the fun for me is to pull the cards myself, so I've made this deck from what I've pulled in booster packs and structure decks/tins. so I'm just working with what I got. Also I'm VERY new to Synchro and Xyz monsters. I mostly want to focus on "beelze of the diabolic dragons" and "stardust dragon" as my main Synchros. (x_) meaning how many copies I have in my deck. 40 cards in my main deck.

battle fader.
effect veiler.
gimmick puppet gear changer. (x3)
plaguespreader zombie. (x3)
tanngrisnir of the nordic beasts. (x2)
dark resonator. (x3)
gagaga magician.
gimmick puppet humpty dumpty. (x2)
vylon prism. (x2)
gimmick puppet scissor arms. (x3)
the tricky.
gimmick puppet dreary doll. (x2)
gimmick puppet twilight joker. (x2)

junk puppet. (x2)
mystical space typhoon.
pot of duality.
dark hole.

call of the haunted. (x2)
bottomless trap hole.
magic jammer.
memory of an adversary.
breakthrough skill.
metal reflect slime. (x2)

(extra deck)
ally of justice catastor.
power tool mecha dragon.
Black rose dragon.
stardust dragon.
beelze of the diabolic dragons. (x2)
night papilloperative.
number 44: sky pegasus.
unformed void.
number 15: gimmick puppet giant grinder.
skypalace gangaridai.


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  • Good lord man 😁


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  • You should rebalance your spell/trap cards. You should have around 20 monsters, 12 spells and 8 traps. That is my setup. About the cards themselves, you should make a deck that follows a specific type (dragons, zombies, fairies etc.) or an archetype (blackwing, red eyes, blue eyes, gladiator beast, etc). Extra deck: pretty good, i have an awful extra deck with 1 synchro, 1 fusion monster and 4 xyz cards. Your traps are great but you should add 1 or 2 mystical space typhoon


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  • YuGiOh sucks. Magic the Gathering FTW.

    • no need to troll, dude.

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