What should I do about my anxiety?

I get really overwhelmed with school and this week has been the worst. I broke down today and had a severe panic attack I couldn't stop crying and it was all because I failed a quiz in Chemisty. I told my mom I was dropping out of college and she said that wasn't an option so I freaked out even more. I couldn't stop and eventually I started thinking about killing myself. When I'm in my right state of mind I never think of suicide but when I get into panic mode everything in my mind switches. Recently I was put on anxiety medication and I just don't think it's helping. I was also just told I have dyslexia after being tested for a learning disability. So it's all kind of just come as a shock for me because I'm great at school but I feel like I have to try 20x harder than everyone else. This tends to make me even more anxious and it's just a continuous cycle.


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  • its not that bad just do your best and whatever happens happens its really all you can do


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