Mental disorders and symptoms?

What mental disorders are there?
What do they do?
And what are the symptoms of them?

Just if you happen to know any mental disorders please tell me what they are?

Also do you know any sites I could learn about this?


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  • There are a whole bunch of them, like schizoid personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, depressive personality disorder (I think), etc. Look them on Wikipedia, there must be a list. There are two main types, psychotic and neurotic. I'm sure you can use Google to find them on these terms.

  • There are basically two type.
    Psychotic and Anxiety disorders
    In Anxiety are as follows

    Phobias: intense Fear or terror of certain situations objects

    Obsessive compulsive disorder: Which is usually not detectable in my opinion. People are very bizarre in doing things, repetitive motions of hand or feet, obsessions about things like work, perfectionist tendencies or fears about failure etc.
    Obsessive compulsive personality disorder: It is more inborn and similar in sympotoms to OCD
    Panic attacks.
    there are others but forgot the names
    In psychotic disorders can affect a person's thinking to the point he can harm others and himself.
    1. Delusions: thinking about something what is not in reality
    2. Narcissism
    3. Psychosis. Due to un
    4. psychopathy/sociopathy.


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