Guy's how often do you check your crushes social media accounts?

Guys how often do you check your crushes social media account?


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  • My girlfriend doesn't have any social media accounts (at least not any I know of). She spends very little time on social media because she thinks it's a waste of time (which I somewhat agree with). When she's on the internet, she usually reads newspaper and journal articles or she watches certain TV shows from her country and in her native language that are not broadcasted in my country (where we live). I myself don't have a lot of social media accounts either. I've got this GaG account and I have a youtube account which I use very rarely though. So we're both not exactly into social media as you can see ;-). There are social medias I didn't even know exist before I heard people on GaG talk about them, such as Instagram. I still don't know what it's actually for. I guess it's something similar to Facebook.


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  • only when something comes up in the feed


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