What are good ways of dealing with people that are mean, ugly jerks?

It's is inevitable that all of us are going to run across people that are jerks and are going to be ugly that you would rather not deal with, but it's a situation where you are going to have to deal with them, such as at work, family funcions etc. I admit that this is one of my weaknesses and I am not the best at dealing with these people, particularly the ones that seem to know they are jerks and take pleasure in treating people like this. What are some good ways of dealing with and talking to these kind of people?


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  • As soon as i realize they're jerks: Excuse me where's the restroom?
    Avoid them at all costs.

    If it's a work/family function or whatever, just smile politely and talk to someone else.
    I worked in retail all throughout my college years so i know how to grin and bare it like a pro, without them even affecting my day.

    • Kudos to you and much respect. I eventually want to get to where I am strong enough where someone like that will not affect my day at all. It's something I work at everyday.

    • It takes a lot of time, i worked retail for four years the last being full time as the manager, and i've been threatened, robbed, called a slut and a number of other horrible things (because i can't give a refund without a receipt) so most of the comments people make don't have any effect anymore. Although i did cry after being robbed, but then i am human.

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  • Either ignore them or give it back to them. By ignoring them it will usually quiet down the situation leading to no reaction. By giving the same treatment back to them it gives them a piece of mind of how mean they treated u. This people shouldn't be so jerks.

  • Just stay quiet and interact as little as possible. They usually want a reaction out of you, so don't give it to them.


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