You love her and so she allows you to touch her body?

You love her and so she allows you to touch her body, because she trusts you and even if u are playing her but for a moment you are getting what you need, she is fulfilling ur needs not because she loves doing all that for you but conditions are such that you might just let go of her if if she fails to satisfy your urge. After your game is over, what you do is talk about it in every detail, talk about it to ur friends and also also ask them to try for her? Bitch about that lady? She was doing it for you, if not a long relation then at least respect her body and soul 🙏 I feel so sorry for the girls of my town who come across such guys! MAN you dated her, craved for her, called her, SHE DIDN'T! Do not u think that ur minds are sick? (P. S story of what I see) No woman should be brought up in a place like this where there are no MAN but jerk


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  • This is all a truly sad story. And I'm sorry it happens. But I promise all women out there that not all men are this way. There are still the men who'd do anything for their woman. Take care of her and love her forever. A companion for life, a rock to anchor to, a shoulder to cry on. I strive to be one of these men as do others. Do not lose hope in us, for we crave to love you as much as you crave to be loved

    • What brilliant words! We need men like you in the world smile emoticon it's good to come across a person like you. Your a wiseacre I see. God bless!

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