What is your thoughts on this?

Sorry about lame title...
Im just kind of curious as to what you guys and gals thought on this situation.
My ex started seeing this chick a month ago and has taking pictures from her Facebook profile and posted to his, he claims she is the love his life and pretty much confessed his undying love for her. Now her Facebook has no post about them no pictures nothing. I just find that kind of weird... It seems he is a bit obsessed over her and maybe the feelings for him isn't as strong? I just want different opinions on what you would think? I know Facebook shouldn't be taken seriously so maybe I'm just over thinking things?


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  • An even better question here is why do you even care? So your ex is a bit of a freak? So what? You're supposed to be over him. For your own heart's sake, don't ask these kinds of questions about your ex. Don't talk about your ex. Just move on.

    Have a nice day.

    • He is the father of my children not as simple and I want to know the type of women he plans to have around them...

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    • Yes he has rights to see his children and he should be an active part of their lives. However he needs to be able to provide them appropriate accommodations such as having his own place and ensuring they have a room and their own beds. Time spent with the children should be with just him and them and not be bringing women in and out of their lives. Dating women is his choice but should be on his own time and the girls should not be involved until it becomes well established and stable. It is a long story to get into and it isn't that I don't want in in the girls lives but he needs to be stable himself and right now I strongly feel uncomfortable about his current state of mind and his family stand by me 110% which speaks volume in itself.

    • Well yeah, the guy does need to improve himself.

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  • h'e probably just trying to make you jealous or something so he's making a bigger deal about their relationship than there actually is. kinda lame :/

    • 3 weeks after they met he tried telling she is pregnant with his kid but I don't think that is true...

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  • Seems to be a case of unrequited love. This guy is in for a lot of hurt, probably.

  • lol i think your ex needs a little more growing up to do. but not to be rude or anything but why do you care so much about your ex right now on what he's doing with his? i say he is in for a big surprise in the future so why not just let him go and continue on with yours?

    • I'm not concerned about him but how this can effect our children.

    • if you have their custody i dont see why it would affect them

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