What are your thoughts on the universe having a creator?

I can NEVER wrap my head around what atheists believe: that creation does not have a creator. So everything's up for grabs right? Then let's put a copyright on every goddamn thing and sue people cause they're using it without permission.

Oh hey, if you think I'm some sort of church goer or carpet prayer, think again - I am not a follower of ANY religion but everything scientific and "religious" points to some sort of universal creator.


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  • I don't think the universe had some sentient being as its creator. I mean, then who created the creator? I think perhaps we came into being through an anomaly that cascaded into a chain of events that brought about life.

    No one knows, though, and I don't claim to know. I would much rather say "I don't know, but here are some hypothesis and let's keep exploring and researching to find out" than "God did it. End of story".

    • If something created God than by definition the one created is not God but rather the one creating it. Most religions also don't claim to believe in created Gods either so that's disputing a claim no one is making

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    • I'm skeptical of the "evidence" they want to see anyways.

    • Well, it's very difficult to prove for sure, but that's not really their burden to take on. As Sagan says, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." If you want someone to believe something, give them a good reason to believe it. Otherwise, expect that they won't. Especially when it comes to huge claims like an all-knowing, all-powerful being that for some reason has a special interest in our lives when we're creatures on a small planet in a galaxy that's among hundreds of billions of others in the universe.

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  • Atheists don't have a system of beliefs; that's why they're atheists. There is no evidence that the God mentioned in the Bible exists, let alone created anything. There is evidence that the universe was formed through a series of chemical/physical processes, and that life on Earth has slowly evolved to become what it is today.

    • https://dictionary.reference.com/browse/atheist?s=t

      "a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings" so they don't think there's anything smarter than us humans? -.- gg hf

    • They're not making any assessment on the intelligence of one life form versus another; they're simply saying that there is no evidence of the existence of the God mentioned in the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, etc.

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  • well i know the universe has a Creator and every time i look at His creation i am astounded at its beauty.
    the Earth is merely a canvas, painted by God. this is how i see it anyway.


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  • Wtf? I think all abrahamic religious books are flat out lies and plagiarism. So no creator from those pages is real. At all

  • My thoughts are very simple - I don't think there is one. There.

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