What are concrete signs a person is jealous of you?

I would really like to know this. I googled it, but theyr'e so generic with no personal examples at all.


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  • People handle jealously differently, some people can become cold towards said person. Some get angry, some try to get the attention of the other person (i. e if you're getting jealous over your guy getting attention from other girls you might make more of an effort to talk to him)


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  • They seem concerned or worried. For example, you go out to some other guy's place and Mr. Jealous finds out through Snapchat... he might ask you where you are and who you're with, he might tell you try not to get wasted, etc.
    He might try to make you jealous too! Next day you might see pictures of him at a party or with some new mystery girl. It turns into a game or competition to see who's having more fun without the other person.

    You know they're jealous when they ask you multiple questions and seem strange. They will try to play games with you and after that, they might try to get out with you more and spend time with you.

    • Hmm not necessarily a guy being jealous, although I should be cautious of that too, so thank you for your example to keep in mind.

      I meant peers/or just people younger or older

    • Ha! Yeah