How to deal with this number?

In the last two days a local number has been calling me but everytime that I text who is this my phone says its not an actual number. When I looked the number online, people tell stories about how some mom is crying begging you to help her suicidal son. Thankfully I have not had to deal with this. But this number texted me like they me like we were friends asking how I was doing and when I ask who it was they said their name was dusty when I said dusty who they never answered. How do I get them to stop calling me I have already blocked them but they still try.


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  • answer, but don't say anything.

    you'll hear them say hello? hello? along w/ people in the background.

    yo'ull be able to determine if it's personal or a business/collector calling.


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  • you could change your number, Ginny. or maybe just tell you're mom what's happening, and she'll be all "not my daughter, you b*tch!"


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