This pretty much describes my childhood! happy days... what tv shows/films take you back to your childhood?


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  • Good question. There are many shows that I could list here, but that would probably be too much for the allowed characters for an answer. :P
    So I would just list 3 shows.

    The first part of my childhood wasn't the best. One of the movies that I watched during my childhood and that I can relate to is "Kayoto's diary" aka "Who is Left Behind" and this song is still one that rings in my heart, and reminds me of that part of my childhood.

    After that, I started creating good memories for myself because I understood that those years are precious, and if the world refuses to give me good memories, I am gonna create them myself. (I didn't want to enter the crazy adult world unlike other children).

    This is one of the shows that I watched during that period. It talks about friendships, and during that time, I met my best friend.

    And then, I have my favorite anime; an anime that might seem for others (who just started watching the new version of it) just for entertainment, but for me, who watched the old version and still watching it since I was 12, it is more than that. It reminds me of some good times when my friend and I watched it impatiently after school.

    (Of course I didn't listen to these songs in Japanese as you might imagine).

  • i love those!!


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